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#HBDSupremo | Progressives vow to continue Bonifacio’s legacy of serving the people

“With the worsening crisis brought about by the pandemic and the Duterte government’s negligence following the calamities and the weak COVID-19 response, there is no questioning the legitimacy of the workers’ and the people’s protest.”

CPP condemns ‘mafia-style execution’ of 2 NDFP consultants

“We reject the claims of the police that the couple resisted arrest and were killed in a firefight. In their physical state, the couple would not have been able to manage the sheer number of weapons said to be found in the scene, much less put up a rigorous gun battle,” CPP Spokesperson Marco Valbuena said in a statement.

Activism as cure to information disorder

Activism is our fact-checking initiative against so-called “fake news.” We cannot engage in politics without a proper social investigation. Mao Zedong has a succinct quote for it: “No investigation, no right to speak”. Our statements must be grounded on the reality that affects the masses. We articulate the social condition based on verifiable facts.

Balik-Tanaw | A gradual moving towards fullness of life

The season of advent calls us to continue to participate in the establishment of God’s kingdom in the here and now of the Philippine society, to be firm in our resolve to live in righteousness by being vigilant, ever awake and responsible of our God given duties to nurture and protect his household – the Philippine society from the evil schemes of the fake “Lords.”

Court convicts 2 peace consultants of 30-year-old ‘politically motivated’ raps

Edre Olalia, president of the National Union of Peoples Lawyers (NUPL) and lawyer of Wilma Austria said this is “a politically motivated persecution and hardline attack” as it was resurrected out of nowhere after 30 years.

Make Amazon pay

The growth of CEO Jeff Bezos’s astronomical wealth — up $100 billion since March, now surpassing that of any other human in history — is directly proportional to Amazon’s human and environmental costs: his corporation mistreats its workers, wrecks the climate, and undermines the public institutions underpinning our democracies along the way along the way.

Oceanagold violates restraining order from N. Vizcaya government

BY AARON MACARAEG MANILA– Local environmental group Kalikasan- People’s Network for the Environment (Kalikasan-PNE) lambasted on Thursday the illegal shipment of fuel for the continuing operation of Oceanagold mining company. The fuel tankers were escorted reportedly by about 100 elements of the Kasibu Municipal Police. This was the second time it happened after the…